Corepoint Integration Engine

Corepoint Integration Engine is the KLAS Interface Enbine Category LeaderCorepoint Integration Engine delivers a simplified approach to internal and external health data interoperability for hospitals, radiology centers, laboratories, and clinics. Corepoint Integration Engine is healthcare’s #1-ranked interface engine for six consecutive years in the Best in KLAS®  Awards: Software & Services report, 2014-2009.

Corepoint Health has built its reputation by successfully balancing ease of use with unparalleled performance. This unique versatility is why health systems of all sizes have established an interoperable foundation for their demanding and expanding health IT activities using Corepoint Integration Engine.

Take a tour of the features in Corepoint Integration Engine v6.0


Corepoint Health customers are able to:

  • Quickly deliver simple or complex healthcare interfaces to connect internal applications and external facilities that go beyond the data exchange requirements of Meaningful Use.
  • Improve system performance and scale by creating proactive alerts, mobile monitoring, and customizable profiles for colleagues.
  • Develop, test, deploy, and manage health data interoperability in less time – and with complete confidence – so the IT team can empower organizational goals and strategic objectives.

How Corepoint Health Integrates a Healthcare Environment

Corepoint Health approaches each customer relationship with close collaboration and unmatched support. It is not just our philosophy, it’s what our customers experience every day.

The #1 ranking of our interface engine combined with the strength of our health IT experience serves as the right balance for a growing number of healthcare organizations.

Corepoint Integration Engine Features


Develop & Test Interfaces

Quickly develop interfaces using guided wizards, point-and-click menus, and robust configuration operators. Corepoint Integration Engine supports various data formats and healthcare standards including HL7 (Version 2 and 3), HL7 CDA & CCD, CCR, X12, NCPDP, DICOM, XML, delimited files, etc.

Key interface development features include:

  • Menu-driven operators intuitively reduce time needed to develop and test interfaces.
  • Simply drag and drop connections to create interfaces based on data flow.
  • All interfaces are built with exportable documentation for future reference and use.
  • Test-as-you-develop approach ensures higher quality interfaces and faster deployment.

Deploy Interfaces

Deploying interfaces is a simple point-and-click operation.

  • Mapping and data flow logic are easily exported with supporting components and moved into production with just a few clicks.
  • Track saved versions of your interface history, identify which version is running, and revert to previous versions as needed.
  • Save time by reusing interface logic when developing similar interfaces.

Manage Integrated Environment

Graphical monitoring and powerful alerting fosters intelligent, advanced interface management.

  • Create user profiles and roles that grant access to specific interfaces and administrative actions.
  • Customize your integrated environment in our web-based administration panel to fit operational requirements.
  • Search, filter, and manage message logs easily to facilitate quick responses to inquiries and manage data exchanges.
  • Identify changes in key components, such as CPU usage or free disk space, and view historical trending to proactively handle future hardware and staffing needs.

Ensure High Availability

Corepoint Integration Engine offers native high availability. This ensures continuous processing of patient data between applications without the need to set up complex clustering environments.

  • Proactive alerts sent when the primary server fails. Failover is automatically initiated so workflow operations and communication resume within seconds.
  • When primary server is ready to resume operations, a single click synchronizes all messages and communication resumes.
  • Single administration console provides monitoring for both primary and backup servers.


Value of Corepoint Health Approach


Develop & Test Interfaces

Corepoint Integration Engine’s features translate into tangible, real-world value. With the robust menu-driven, test-as-you-develop approach, our customers experience the following value:

  • Menu-driven, test-as-you-develop approach to developing interfaces.
  • Rapid interface development of higher quality interfaces.
  • Gain complete flexibility in how and when interfaces are developed and deployed.meeting today’s interface demands in an intuitive yet sophisticated approach.

Deploy Interfaces

  • Move tested interfaces into production with just a few clicks.
  • Useful documentation of each interface that can be stored and printed in a graphical format.
  • Convenient export of interface logic and components which can be stored for safekeeping.
  • Interfaces configured within Corepoint Integration Engine are completely leveragable – easily re-using similar interface configurations.

Manage Interfaces

  • Monitoring, management and alerting that meet unique organizational and operational requirements.
  • Interface alerts are configurable to match defined thresholds, requirements, and escalation processes.
  • Access message logs or interface status through a web-based administration console, accessed through a simple web browser.
  • Meeting service level and support model requirements are easily achieved. Support interfaces efficiently and meet growing support requirements.

Ensure High Availability

  • IT costs are minimized and reliability is ensured through native high availability without the need for specialized software or hardware.
  • High availability functionality is built within Corepoint Integration Engine, allowing simplified deployment.
  • Real-time, continuous replication of message data and workflow processing rules.
  • Proactive notifications of service changes provides complete confidence that health data is provided continuously, timely and accurately.

Attaining comprehensive value from your integration solution also depends on the team standing behind the product. Our commitment to customers is a part of our DNA.

"Corepoint Health’s customer focus is remarkable."
Michael Mover, CIO

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