Corepoint Health Interface Engine Ranked #1 in 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 & 2009 KLAS Awards

"Corepoint Integration Engine is my 'YES' engine. It is absolutely our favorite piece of software." —Will Smith, Integration Manager
Wavelength Information Services, Inc., Atlantic General Hospital


For the sixth consecutive year, Corepoint Health has the #1 ranked interface engine. 

2014 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services Report Highlights:

  • Highest overall score in the Interface Engines market segment - 97.4
  • This marks the sixth consecutive year Corepoint Health has been honored with this distinction

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According to anonymous KLAS report feedback from a hospital CIO:

"Corepoint Health is the best vendor I have ever worked with. They are the benchmark that I compare all other integration engine vendors to, and none compare to Corepoint Health. Top to bottom, they are the best at everything they do, whether it is their product, support, development, or professional services. We have just been in a constant state of change lately, and every bit of that is a change in our information system. Everything is just crazy these days with the rapid changes, and if it wasn’t for Corepoint Health, we would be in rough shape." - CIO
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Corepoint Integration Engine is the standard for meeting today's healthcare integration demands. It provides healthcare IT professionals with more control, menu-driven features, greater vendor independence and reduced cycle times. The Corepoint Health interface engine is meeting the demand for new interfaces with lower costs, higher efficiency, and greater productivity.

Customer Perspectives


Interface Engine Customer Stories

Frederick Memorial Hospital Converts 100+ JCAPS Interfaces in 4 Months n 2014, Frederick Memorial Hospital in Frederick, Maryland upgraded their integration engine platform from eGate to Corepoint Integration Engine. Pat Whitmore, Sr. Systems Analyst, has been using some iteration of eGate/JCAPS at Frederick Memorial since 1999. Along with fellow System Analyst, Mutaz Awad, and a little guidance from a Corepoint Health Professional Services team member, they converted over 100 interfaces in 3 ½ months. This customer success story focusses on the experience of learning a new integration platform after 15 years working in a JCAPS environment, the features that helped make choice, and the impact a contemporary integration engine has had for his hospital.

Healthcare Integration White Papers


Value of Corepoint Integration Engine



Ensure High Availability

The Corepoint Health interface engine offers high availability natively. Assured Availability for Corepoint Integration Engine simplifies high availability and enables an easy-to-implement solution that delivers confidence constantly and cost-effectively.

Configure and Test Interfaces Easily

The Corepoint Health interface engine provides a menu-driven development approach with intuitive operators to manipulate data and build processing logic for the most complex or the simplest interface. Implementation times are significantly reduced using Corepoint Integration Engine features delivering tested, read-to-deploy interfaces in hours rather than days, weeks or even months.

The Corepoint Health interface engine configure/test features include:

  • Preloaded HL7 versions for quick development of HL7 messages
  • Configuration Wizard assists you step-by-step to create new interface configurations and connections easily
  • Message variations that allow for customizing an HL7 version in one step
  • Make the most of other healthcare standards and data formats. Leverage multiple HL7 standards and data formats through one interface engine platform. Work with X12, XML, DICOM, CSV, CCD, CDA, and CCR.
  • Code Set Translation. The Corepoint Health interface engine code set translation features are flexible enough for users to build or import code sets and map them to one another in a point-and-click approach.
  • Interact with Databases. Connect to any ODBC-compliant database in seconds with Corepoint Health’s interface engine database connection wizard.
  • Conformance Checking. Validate HL7 messages against a selected version to eliminate or reduce message errors.
  • Test-as-Configure. The Corepoint Health interface engine has intuitive testing features deliver high quality interfaces and data exchanges. Easily run unit tests at each step in the interface configuration process to ensure the transformation and logic are implemented as intended.  

Deploy Interfaces Promptly

The Corepoint Health interface engine rapidly deploys developed and tested interfaces smoothly into the production environment with a simple point-and-click. The deployed interfaces begin processing messages between applications, or are stored for safekeeping.

The Corepoint Health interface engine deployment approach creates advantage by:

  • Implementing patient data exchanges with efficiency, timeliness, and accuracy
  • Utilize already-defined interfaces, modifying areas of differences quickly and deploying similar interfaces in new clinical data exchanges with minimal effort  

Monitor & Manage Interfaces in Real-Time

Corepoint Integration engine provides a web-based administration console enabling healthcare organizations to monitor their IT environment and deliver a high-performance interface environment.

Healthcare workflows are orchestrated in a logical manner with built-in interface engine monitoring, configurable alerting, and practical log management features.

The Corepoint Health interface engine monitoring & management features include:

  • Graphical Monitoring. Get real-time updates with the Corepoint Health interface engine graphical views and reports. Monitor queue depths, idle time, active alerts and message status on one screen.
  • Alerting. The Corepoint Health interface engine provides multiple alert features to monitor service level elements defined by your healthcare staff and automatic escalation based on your IT service management practices.
  • Search, Filter, and Manage Logs. View and manage message logs within the web-based, rich internet application console. Filter messages on message content, and/or time of day. Re-send messages when needed – simply.


"With the implementation of Corepoint Integration Engine, we reduced the time it takes to develop and implement a new healthcare interface by 75%, at a minimum." —Erik Wolowitz, Senior Programmer Analyst
Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network