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Tue, 5/26/2015 - 9:26am by Chad Johnson
In this whiteboard/webinar session, HL7 FHIR Governance Board Co-Chair and Corepoint Health CTO Dave Shaver discusses why so many in health IT are excited about HL7 FHIR's potential to change health data exchange. This session offers an in-depth look at how FHIR will change the future of health...Read more
Wed, 5/13/2015 - 11:50am by Chad Johnson
Last month at HIMSS15 in Chicago we were extremely encouraged by the attendee turnout at our booth to learn about HL7 FHIR from our CTO, Dave Shaver, who also serves as Co-Chair of the HL7 FHIR Governance Board. To be honest, when planning the sessions during pre-conference meetings, we were a...Read more
Tue, 3/31/2015 - 11:12am by Chad Johnson
HIMSS 2015 is fast approaching and the "hot topic" heading into the conference is, without a doubt, HL7 FHIR . As our customers know, our CTO Dave Shaver is one of the industry's top experts on the emerging health data standard. To help advance the dialog around FHIR, Dave will present five...Read more
Thu, 3/26/2015 - 4:44pm by Chad Johnson
An article written by Sr. Product Manager Rob Brull about HL7 FHIR , the new health data standard that promises to fundamentally change how applications exchange health data, was published Saturday on The Health Care Blog . THCB is a popular health care opinion blog that highlights topics aimed at...Read more
Fri, 3/20/2015 - 10:27am by Chad Johnson
As healthcare organizations share more health data, there often is a need for the interface team to demonstrate the organization’s downstream data flow. The recently-released version 6.0 of Corepoint Integration Engine includes a new graphing feature that allows IT staff to visually demonstrate to...Read more
Wed, 3/11/2015 - 11:00am by Rob Brull
Audit logging has long been a required functionality for EHRs. As clinicians have broad access to patient medical records stored in the EHR , it is critical for providers to have privacy and security tools in place that can monitor the unnecessary perusing of patient records. Recently it was...Read more
Mon, 3/9/2015 - 2:20pm by Rob Brull
I have written a couple of blogs previously to introduce FHIR , including 5 Things to Know About HL7 FHIR and Review of the HL7 FHIR Session at HIMSS13 . This standard is evolving steadily within the HL7 organization. The first Draft Standard for Trial Use was available in 2014, and the first...Read more
Wed, 3/4/2015 - 5:12pm by Chad Johnson
“Be quick but don’t hurry.” – John Wooden I use that quote to kick off this post because version 6.0 of Corepoint Integration Engine was released today after extensive beta testing and refinement to ensure that it is as close to perfect as computer software can be. We’re extremely excited about the...Read more
Wed, 2/25/2015 - 10:52am by Chad Johnson
We are proud to announce that Corepoint Integration Engine successfully completed testing in 17 IHE profiles in Cleveland at the annual IHE North American Connectathon. You can read the official news release here . Monica Osegueda, Ben Levy and Christopher Stehno were chosen to represent Corepoint...Read more
Tue, 2/17/2015 - 1:36pm by Jeff Zinger
For the past seven years, Children’s Health System of Texas (Children’s Health℠) had 130 eGate interfaces operating on an AIX server. In 2014, the decision was made to convert to the Corepoint Integration Engine hosted on a Windows server. Children’s Health engaged the Professional Services team at...Read more


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